Kopperhead believes that every recording and music project is unique. When you call and ask ‘how much does it cost to make a demo?”, there are no simple answers, and no fixed price that we can quote. Why? Because music is not a product, it is an art. And recording your music is a matter of capturing the best performances possible for the intended purpose and budget. Some things to seriously consider;
  • No two songs are the same and no two people work in the same ways or at the same speeds. Some songs require that extra time and attention, while others can be performed and recorded in just a few takes. Different styles, complexities, arrangements, and effects all contribute to each song’s uniqueness. Simply put, making and recording music is not an assembly line process.
  • Communication between you and your recording engineer is crucial. Besides being able to press the record button, he/she should be a person of many talents with expertise and experience. Your engineer should be exceptionally creative, have in-depth musical knowledge and abilities, and be an astute businessman and advisor that you can rely on for advise and direction. With today’s technology and sophisticated software, your engineer should also be part techie and part guru. (Knowing that “something will do something” is not the same as having a creative and musical idea first, and then being able to choose and apply technologies to produce the desired results!)
  • You, of course, are the most improtant element in your project. Simply put, a studio can not advise and suggest to you on any level without some knowledge of your music, your abilities, your needs, and your budget. To just throw out a “project price” over the phone is simply putting you and your music into a set process where you and others are paying a “law of averages” price - and if you are prepared and efficient doing yours, you know who will be paying for the average for someone else.

So, how can you fully evaluate a recording studio and staff in order to make an intelligent business decision best for your music and your project? And how can a studio learn about you and your music so that it can advise you on how, what, when, and how much for your project? Since our beginnings, Kopperhead has offered a FREE “TourDemo”.

  • Tour: we will show you through our Master Studio and Control Room, explain it’s unique characteristics and construction, and answer any questions you may have about us, the facility, gear, instruments, and the recording process.
  • Demo: we ask that you bring samples of your music, past and present, to show us where you are and have been musically. If you don’t have any (which may be why you need to record!), bring an instrument or use our piano to demo your music for us.
  • Communication: during your TourDemo, we’ll be getting to know each other and your music. Then we’ll sit down and seriously discuss your recording needs from top to bottom. And before you leave, we will either schedule another FREE meeting, or we’ll start to discuss preparation, scheduling, pricing, and tips on how you can get the most out of every single dollar in your recording budget.

Doesn’t your music deserve the best? In this region, only Kopperhead has over thirty years in providing the best in professional recording and music services. Our approach, experience, knowledge, facilities, and equipment are second to none. More importantly, we would sincerely like to be your studio. Many of our clients tell us, “Kopperhead is one of the best kept secrets in Ohio”, and we’re eager to show you why. Give us a call today to schedule your FREE TourDemo!

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