Having wonderful acoustical clarity and definition, Kopperhead’s Master Studio is both spacious and beautiful. All wood is mahogany and an appropriate “kopper” color. Earth tones and soft textures were chosen specifically to enhance the comfort and well-being of the performers. Overhead, three wooden “clouds” are suspended from the ceiling offering superb acoustical diffraction. Appearing triangular, four trapped bays of differing dimensions offer better isolation for guitar and bass amps if desired. Likewise, the drum booth can be used with or without front baffles for variable levels of isolation. Of course, when needed, drums can be recorded outside the booth to utilize the studio’s awesome acoustics.

Using the fourth trapped bay and curved wooden resonators, our Baldwin Grand Piano has it’s own place with special acoustical treatment. It too may be placed in different locations to acheive varying amounts of “room” sound required of different musical styles. Three custom cabinets offer microphone and headphone connections while enabling convenient storage of cables and headphones. Often overlooked in studio design and construction, Kopperhead’s Master Studio and Control Room each have their own heating and air conditioning systems. This not only assures performer comfort, but also keeps each room’s sound isolated to that room. Furthermore, all studio lights are on dimmers to create that special “mood” required for some performances. Simply put, Kopperhead’s Master Studio is a very special acoustic recording space that is unique to this region and the Midwest.

Kopperhead’s Master Studio complex was designed by John Storyk of Walters-Storyk Design Group, New York, New York. Kopperhead is linked on the WSDG Client List.

Walters-Storyk Design Group is a full-service architectural and acoustic design firm. They specialize in Audio-Visual Architectural Design and Planning. WSDG has been asked to provide solutions and procedures for all types of acoustic and electro-acoustic problems. Their designers and engineers are experts in the field of internal and external acoustics. They have extensive experience in multiple fields of acoustical, architectural and A/V technology research. Computer-modeled reverberation studies, environmental assessments, and mechanical/electrical noise control are all services that are provided.

Walters-Storyk Design Group’s Audio Production projects range from extremely large tracking facilities all the way to smaller post production houses and everywhere in between.  Their audio projects are for both companies and private individuals, and span all genres of music and broadcast mediums.  WSDG has offices in New York, Miami, San Francisco, Europe, Agentina, and Brazil.

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