Commercial sound composition has become an “Emotional Science." Emotional, in that music and sound have a unique way of communicating with our inner feelings. A science, because of the commercial demand for measurable effectiveness, cost efficiency, and utilization of increasingly refined sound technology. Musical Sound is both the catalyst that bonds the audio and visual pieces into a targeted message, and the “Personalizer“ that places that message into the individual's world of experience and memory. At Kopperhead Compositions Inc., we successfully integrate emotional creativity and scientific applications into commercial sound that works.

Mood - Color - Connotation - Impact; parameters that are to be molded, blended, and balanced through creative management and implementation. Interpreting your definitions of these parameters first, is the key factor utilized by our staff. Composition then translates these into the musical language.

One of the tools we use to address commercial music and sound is the Synclavier Digital Music System. This system revolutionized the music language in even more extensive ways then the word processor did for text. We can store, manipulate, and modify the following: sound, composition, performance, arrangement, and cueing, with efficiency and accuracy never before available. New doors are therefore opened to creative freedom in both the traditional and unexplored musical disciplines.

  • Commercial jingles and music beds for broadcast
  • Special event compositions
  • Original music for library usage
  • Audio visual beds and sound effects
  • Sound Design to specification
  • Web site music and sound design
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