Kopperhead's award winning original productions are created to client specifications and targets. We integrate artistic expression, technlogical expertise, and industry experience to produce music and sound that successfully meets your goals. Whether for use of international to local, or internet to in-house, we look forward to working with you.


George Waikem Ford
Stripped Zebra; Circle of Friends
Ohio Valley & American Malls; Cafaro Malls
Come Twilight, Come E.J.; The University of Akron
Goshen Diary
Make A Wish Foundation
Family Express
Apples Grocery Stores
Sports Stinger
Time Capsule: The Timken Company
One Small Acorn; Twin Sisters Productions
Samson's Theme; Philips International
Samson Finale; Philips International
The Dream Is Real; Cleveland Browns
Catch A Falling Star; General Tire Dealer's Extravaganza
March to Excellence; Whitemyer Advertising
Nothing Does It Lika A Gradall
Bond Medley; General Tires Dealer's Extravaganza
Davey Tree
General Motors; Shelbyville Opening


Radio & TV Jingle
Radio Prod. & Music
Jingles; 16 Malls
Radio & TV Music
Radio Jingle
Radio & TV Jingle
Radio Jingle
Radio & TV Jingle
TV & Video Music
Corporate Special Event
Children's Musical Play
Video Theme
Corporate Special Event
Post-Score to Voice
Product Song
Corporate Special Event
Audio Visual Music
Corporate Special Event

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