Kopperhead Announces Control Room Changes & New Gear!

The holidays were busy here, as Kopperhead has completed some major changes to our Master Control Room. We have upgraded to a Mac Pro dual quad Intel 2.6 Ghz computer with 24 GB of RAM. The update of our HD-3 system to Avid Pro Tools 10 HD will further improve our recording & mixing operations, and will facilitate much more extensive use of our huge collection of plugins. Our Waves Mercury bundle has also been updated, as has our equipment and software listings, which can be found on our Equipment page through the link below.

We have also added four new mic pre's with a Universal Audio 4-710d. This unit is just stuffed full of features. Each of the four pre's has both tube and FET preamps that are phase-locked and blendable. This allows for any ratio of tube warmth and FET speed and accuracy. Each channel has switchable metering (gain, gain reduction, & drive), a Hi-Z input, and a "mini" 1176 compressor built in.

In addition, we have added two great microphones to our extensive collection. The Mojave 300 tube mic is both warm and detailed and gives us a vocal alternative for those with brighter voices. It features variable polar patterns between omni, cardiod, and figure-8. Our new Earthworks QTC-30 omni microphone has an unbelievably flat frequency response from 6 Hz to 30 kHz! This mic produces superior detail, transient response, and clarity.

These additions and upgrades show our continued dedication and commitment to your music by offering you the most flexibility, capability, and quality. Give us a call today to discuss their possible applications to your next project with Kopperhead!

Kopperhead Announces NEW Site for Photography and Photo Sales!

Kopperhead is pleased to announce our new web site for photography and photo sales, "pix.kopperhead.com". Photographs are organized by categories such as landscape, architecture, flora, fauna, and so on. These are then sub-divided into galleries of photos so that you can more easily find subjects that interest you or that you would like to have a print of for your business, home, or gift for a loved one or friend. Photos can be purchased on the site in a multitude of sizes and on different products.

From here on kopperhead.com, you can click on the new and first link under Photos labeled "Purchase Photos". These are found in the navigation area immediately to your left. You can also click on the link at the bottom of this announcement. You can also go directly to the Kopperhead photography site by typing "pix.kopperhead.com" into the URL field of your web browser.

Take a look at our new site and be sure to let us know what you think. If you wish to discuss a particular photo, please refer to the number which begins each photo name. Email regarding photos & photography should be addressed to pix@kopperhead.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Kopperhead Upgrades to Waves Mercury!

With over 100 plug-ins and over 250 components, Kopperhead is now utilizing the amazing Waves Mercury Bundle of TDM, RTAS, and Audiosuite plug-ins. From time-domain effects to equalizers, from dynamics control to noise reduction, from guitar sound modeling to the sound of classic analog components, there has never been such a comprehensive collection as this. The Mercury Bundle offers more effects, more channel components, more mixdown tools, more processors than ever before from one source. As Waves puts it, "Finally - the world of Waves in one massive collection.

Featured in this collection are four "Signature Series" sets of application-specific audio processors created in collaboration with four of the world's top producers, engineers, and mixing engineers. These include Chris Lord-Alge, Eddie Kramer, Tony Maserati, and Jack Joseph Puig. All-in-one channels for vocals, bass, drums, cymbals & percussion, keys & strings, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, harmonics, and effects - all with a multitude of settings from these amazing talents. Also included is the Waves Guitar3 collection with tons of amp simulations, stomp effects, tuner, and tool rack.

Mercury vastly updates our Diamond Bundle and joins our Waves SSL 4000 Collection and our host of other software processors from Avid and many other manufacturers. For those of you interested, there is a full listing of all our software with brief descriptions on our software web page, and you can go directly to it with the link below. Join us in putting these phenomenal Mercury processors to use in your next project with Pro Tools HD3 and Kopperhead!

Kopperhead Announces New, Lowest-Priced Master Studio Rates!

How many companies that you do business with have offered the same rates over an eighteen year time span? What other services could you buy last year for the same price that you paid in 1992? That's how long it has been since Kopperhead has raised it's rates. Well, there are only so many studio hours in a day, and now we must raise our Day Rates in order to cover our increased costs. Effective January 1, 2010, Kopperhead Day Rates have been increased for the first time since 1992.

However, understanding that many of our younger musical customers simply can't budget for higher studio rates, Kopperhead is pleased to announce new, low-priced Night Rates! Starting April 1, 2010, Kopperhead is offering THE LOWEST RATES EVER for our Master Studio! These are for sessions between the hours of 8 PM to 8 AM, starting April 1, 2010. Bookings are available for hourly rates (minimum two hour session), and for 7 hour blocks with decreasing rates for multiple blocks.

Day Rates are available by the hour or in 7 hour blocks, and 24 hour lock-out rates are available upon request. Day Rates apply to hours between 8 AM and 8 PM, Monday through Saturday. Kopperhead is closed on Sundays.

Call Kopperhead today at 330-494-8760 for complete details and pricing!

Kopperhead Adds The Incredible Waves SSL 4000 Plug-in Bundle!

Kopperhead president Lee Kopp and assistant engineer Alex Kopp recently traveled to Sweetwater Sound in Fort Wayne, IN to attend a seminar featuring Eddie Kramer, legendary producer/engineer of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Kiss, David Bowie, and many more. Eddie shared his vast knowledge of recording techniques, specifically discussing yesterday’s analog gear and today’s plug-ins modeled after that gear in the Waves Studio Classics Collection. His words echoed those of other pro engineers across the spectrum of the industry in raving about the extraordinary sound of these plug-ins being exactly like their original analog counterparts. Eddie brought along a current Pro Tools project he’s just completed, and his demonstrations on a track by track basis backed up everything he said. In particular, the sound of the SSL plug-ins amazed us so much that Kopperhead has added them to our already huge selection of Pro Tools plug-ins. That magical sound of the classic Solid State Logic consoles is now available for use in your projects!

Kopperhead Announces Introductory Demo Projects!

Kopperhead is pleased to announce three new Demo Projects for first-time Kopperhead clients. Assistant recording engineer Alex Kopp explains further, “Bands can choose a two or four song demo project, and solo vocalists can choose a Four Songs-to-Tracks Project. Prices for these projects are the lowest offered by Kopperhead in many, many years and are simply amazing when one considers that they are for recording in one of the Midwest’s premier recording studios!”

Each project includes a tracking session, mixing and mastering time, and a master CD. In addition, there are various options that can be added at very low prices, such as additional recording time for the same tracking session and songs at just $40 per hour! You can also choose from a list of items ranging from pitch correction to additional CDs and in-session photographs. Call Kopperhead today at 330-494-8760 for complete details and pricing!

The Singing Weavers Keep Climbing the Charts!

Being a third generation family singing group, the Singing Weavers have been performing their family ministry through Southern Gospel music for over thirty-six years. The title song of their album “When I Depart” has been climbing the charts steadily now for months, and this April and May it ranks as follows on various charts;

#1 April issue - GMTC Top 100 Chart
#28 May issue - Christian Voice Magazine
#78 April issue - Gospel Music News Top 100
#80 April issue - Power Source Top 100 Southern Gospel

“It was such a thrill working with Alyssia, Chris, and Dennis on this album!” states Kopperhead President Lee Kopp. “Recording, mixing, and mastering this project was such a joy for all of us at Kopperhead, and we wish the Weavers continued success both on the charts, and with their ministry. They're scheduled back in the studio again shortly and we are really looking forward to helping them make more great sounding Southern Gospel recordings!” A sound clip of “When I Depart” can be heard on the Kopperhead SONGs & LINKS page.

Congratulations to The Singing Weavers on the success of their recordings!

Kent State University-Stark Students Record and Perform
In A Multitrack Recording Session!

As part of our third semester of teaching audio recording classes here at Kopperhead, KSU-Stark AR-2 students recorded one of the university’s studio ensembles performing the Beatles classic, “Let It Be.“ Instructed by Professor Erin Vaughn, the ensemble included piano, organ, two guitars, bass, lead vocalist, and two background vocalists. AR-2 students held a preproduction meeting with the ensemble, created the Pro Tools session files, performed all setup and miking, established all levels, and handled all of the recording and overdubs. Each student is currently editing the tracks and creating their own reference mixes which they will burn to CD and present in class along with their report on the project.

Taught by Kopperhead president and chief audio engineer Lee Kopp, Audio Recording 1 and 2 students have made great strides in learning and understanding the recording process. Beginning with Fall Semester ‘08, Kopperhead and KSU-S will be offering Audio Recording-3, which will give the students even more hands-on in-studio experience.

Kopperhead Cosponsors Rock Battle of the Bands!

Kopperhead recently joined with WRQK, Rock 106.9 FM to cosponsor a five week Rock Battle of the Bands at the Rusty Shamrock in Massillon, Ohio. Twelve bands were in the competition with three competing each of the first four weeks. On the fifth week, the four weekly winners competed to be the overall winner and to claim a FREE two original song recording package from Kopperhead. Bands in finals were Assault, Fisticuff, Nemesis 3, and Pipeline, and winning the extremely close competition was Nemesis 3. Marc, Dan, and Greg have completed recording and mixing their two original songs, “Ugly” and “The Way”, and you can check them out at www.myspace.com/nemesis3. Sound clips of these two great new songs will be up soon on the Kopperhead “Songs & Links” page.

Congratulations to Battle of the Bands winner, Nemesis 3!

KSU-Stark and Kopperhead form a Strategic Partnership!

Kopperhead, one of the Midwest’s premier audio recording and production companies is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Kent State University - Stark Branch for the teaching of Digital Sound Production classes.

Kopperhead president and principal audio engineer Lee Kopp will be teaching DSP-II and DSP-IV classes this spring semester at Kopperhead. DSP-II will cover audio recording principles and techniques, whereas DSP-IV students will be learning the tools and techniques of multi-track mixing. Both classes will utilize Pro Tools HD3 with Control 24 in classes here at Kopperhead, and for outside study, Pro Tools LE with Digi-002 in the computer music lab at KSU-Stark.

“The music faculty of KSU-Stark and I are extremely excited about the opportunity students will have to learn audio recording and mixing within the professional studio environment of Kopperhead’s Master Studio and Control Room,” states Kopp, “and the ability for students to use the industry standard and cross-platform capabilities of both Pro Tools HD and LE systems will further enhance the prospects for their making real use of their education, either personally or professionally. We welcome these students to Kopperhead and look forward to a long and strong relationship with Kent State University!”

Kopperhead featured in Mix Magazine!
Mix Magazine, the recording industry's foremost monthly publication for professional audio and music production, includes coverage of Kopperhead in the Current Professional Audio News and Events section of the November, 2006 issue. Titled, "A Gift of a String of Pearls", the article covers Kopperhead's 30th anniversary and the major upgrades to our Master Control Room that included Pro Tools HD3.

Kopperhead sponsors ROCKFEST, local bands, and their original music!
Showing how serious we are about encouraging and promoting new, original music by local and regional artists, Kopperhead gave away a FREE professional recording package to the Musicians Choice winner at the Rockfest Battle of the Bands on September 30th. Held at Clay’s Park Resort in Canal Fulton, OH by the Buckeye Council Boy Scouts, Rockfest featured nonstop performances of rock, metal, punk and alternative music on two stages by 26 bands.

We were really impressed with all of the bands. If you haven’t heard any of these guys, you really should, because they are writing some great original material and putting on energy packed performances. Again, please get out and support your local musicians, and especially their original music!

Winning the Musicians Choice Award was Autumn Remains of New Philadelphia, Ohio. 2nd place went to Poets Last Will from Wayne County, and third place went to Earthbound of Alliance, Ohio. With their winning prize, AUTUMN REMAINS gets a FREE recording package valued at $1500.00 to make a CD of two of their original songs - AND - Frog & Scorpion Records will be reviewing their CD upon it’s completion! In addition to the Musicians Choice prize, Kopperhead has offered a special discounted recording package to all of the competitors that could save each of them up to $900.00 for recording their original songs.

Rockfest competitors included; Autumn Remains, Poets Last Will, Earthbound, Different Direction, Astrovan, Big Wise, Mercy Kill Calamity, General Direction, Into The Fall, Unchained Youth, Stonehouse, Willis Gordon, Euphoria, Sparrow With A Machine Gun, The Mulligans, The Harder They Fall, Failed Halo, Soulstice, Not Branded, Perseverance, Smoke Box, Shotgun Justice, and Massive Legion. Performing but not competing were Nemesis 3, Spare Change, Dazend, and from Petoskey, Michigan, Anchors for Reality.
Congratulations to the Musicians Choice winner, Autumn Remains!

Kopperhead continues to upgrade!
Kopperhead is pleased to announce the addition of another Digidesign Pro Tools HD Accel card which increases our Pro Tools TDM system to HD3. Along with the HD3 bundle, we have also added the following plug-ins to our already impressive arsenal;
  AVox Choir
AVox Punch
Classic Console Strip
EMI Limiter
Filter Freak
Hi Res Parametric EQs
H3000 Band Delay
IR-L Convolution Reverb
Plate Reverb
Pultec Bundle of Classic Equalizers
Space Station SSI-282
Slightly Rude Compressor
Smack! Compressor/Limiter
TL Space Convolution Reverb
Tune LT Waves
Ultra Channel
1975 Classic Compressor/Limiter

Sound Toys
Princeton Digital
Bomb Factory
Princeton Digital

Princeton Digital
Sound Toys
Trillium Labs

Also added were the amazing pitch correction application “Mellodyne cre8” by Celemony and the “Hybrid” virtual synthesizer by Digidesign.


North Canton, Ohio USA

Kopperhead is celebrating thirty years as one of the Midwest's premiere audio production facilities with the installation of Pro Tools in the control room of it’s Master Studio. The Digidesign HD Accel system includes a Control 24 control surface, 192 I/O with analog expansion, and MIDI module. Operating within a Mac dual G5 system with dual monitors, the system has available a large assortment of plug-ins including the Waves Diamond bundle. DynAudio BM6A near-field monitors have also been added.

“We have always been known for our acoustic environment" Kopperhead president Lee Kopp said, referring to their John Storyk designed Master Studio, “and we were certainly on the cutting edge of digital production with our early and substantial investment in the Synclavier Digital Music System. He added, “With Pro Tools, Kopperhead’s capabilities are extended and enhanced throughout our recording, sequencing, mixing, and mastering services, and it provides a viable upgrade path far into the future.”

Kopp further stated, “People are always blown away by the fact that a studio of this caliber is located in North Canton, Ohio, and have often referred to us as one of the best kept secrets in Ohio. But our clients have come from all over the country, and it has been our ability to serve both local and out-of-state clients which has enabled us to achieve this level of success over the past 30 years.” With this additional investment comes even greater possibilities according to Kopp, “the expanded import/export capabilities of Pro Tools greatly enhances our ability to serve those utilizing multiple facilities and talents in their projects, and we fully expect to substantially increase our regional and national reach.”

Kopperhead is located fifteen minutes from the Akron-Canton Regional Airport. The facilities can be viewed at www.kopperhead.com where press release photos are available for download.

For additional details, interviews, and tours, please contact:
Lee R. Kopp, President
Kopperhead Compositions Inc.
935 Schneider St. SE
North Canton, OH 44720 USA
(330) 494-8760
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